APHWK&K (Aww phooey with kim & kooi) is Alice Kim and Meredith Kooi. We’re an irreverent-grrrl-noise project.


For the past 15 years, I have found myself returning time and again to the themes of family, origins, mythology, home, belonging, personal archives, and place. With this work, which is still in progress and process, I delve into the complex nature of healing inherited family trauma. In 2019, I performed BUT MEREDITH, BOO-FUCKING-HOO during […]

Disguises Welcomed Here

DISGUISES WELCOMED HERE is a participatory collaborative residency of Meredith Kooi, Johnnie Ray Kornegay III, and Ajmal ‘Mas Man’ Millar that transforms Eyedrum’s 88 Forsyth gallery into a quasi-domestic dwelling for the artists and audiences to explore their own stories, memories, and personas together. Using masks and costumes, video, photography, and sound, the group dredges up […]

Enstranged Spaces

The space surrounding us is thick. Like geology, there are layers of space and place in the invisible air that swaddles us. Imbued with memory and history, the objects inhabiting our world breathe and vibrate. These objects and their surroundings are always on the precipice of becoming strange to us.


ENTER THE BUCKY DOME ZONE is a temporary communication platform open to the public for participation.

he (the poet) marks me

he (the poet) marks me is a palimpsestic audio recording of me reading Antonin Artaud’s radio play To Have Done with the Judgment of God paired with exploratory video: of my body, of the landscape. Made during a residency at betterArts in 2011.

How there is but one Popinjay on Ringing Island

How there is but one Popinjay on Ringing Island (Or, the Popinjay is born from Cardinogoths, Cardinogoths from Bishogoths, Bishogoths from Priestogoths, Priestogoths from Clerigoths → all birds of passage) is inspired by a passage in Rabelais’ Gargantua and Pantagruel, a series of novels written in the 16th century that uses satire, vulgarity, and wordplay […]

i like belle and belle likes me

i like belle and belle likes me was installed in the group exhibition ALTERNATE | ALTERNATE, curated and organized by the curatorial collective Doppler Projects for the East Atlanta Strut from September 25-26, 2015.

in/discrete in/discreet transmissions

in/discrete in/discreet transmissions was an installation and series of performances made in collaboration with Mason Brown.

khora studies

The untitled (khora studies) series is an exploration of the feminine of the electromagnetic spectrum based on the concept of khora derived from Plato’s dialogue Timaeus.


L5P LIVE: PSAs was a live broadcast-performance that took place in Atlanta’s Little Five Points neighborhood. Broadcasting over micro-FM and internet via Chicago-based NUMBERS.FM, L5P LIVE: PSAs presented voices and personalities of the neighborhood with interviews, live traffic reports, street music, and more. CO-HOST SCHEDULE 4-4:30: Pet Reports with Alice Kim 4:30-5: Super Fun Awesome Scary Fun […]

maybe it always disintegrates

maybe it always disintegrates (everything fucking dies) is a raw meditation on death through a displaced reflection on the artist’s confrontation with the decay of a wild boar, photography, collection of natural objects, and an artist book. maybe it always disintegrates (everything fucking dies) was gathered and the video shot on Ossabaw Island, a sea […]

Muncie memories

Muncie Memories was a collaborative storytelling project made during a residency at PlySpace. It invited the residents of Muncie to share their experiences, memories, and stories of the place they call home. Through a plethora of activities such as oral history interviews, fieldwalks, information gathering, workshops with youths, soundwalking, archival research, and public engagement, the […]

new descendent on escaleer, no, too

Instructions: Perform Duchamp’s painting Nu descendent un escalier no. 2 (Nude descending a staircase, No. 2), 1912 Jazz it up (run up concrete stairs off of the lobby, members from Headband Girls play their instruments jazz-style) Reach the top of the staircase Pause Drone it down (navigate the staircase down with movement inspired by Cubism, […]

Pitchtree, Peachtree, Nickel Bottom, too

Peachtree Creek has been a major element of Atlanta’s natural, social, cultural, and political histories and development. The exhibition – Pitchtree, Peachtree, Nickel Bottom, too – explores Peachtree Creek and its surroundings. As a site-specific project, Pitchtree, Peachtree, Nickel Bottom, too digs into (at times quite literally) the layers that make up the Creek, specifically the Zonolite District where […]

radio books

radio books was an audio installation located throughout the grounds of art|DBF in Decatur, GA. The books, crime thrillers mainly and one by Rush Limbaugh, now devoid of text, contained radios in place of their printed pages. Rather than encountering a voice over the radio, either playing out a radio drama or narrating a text, […]

Re-Performance: Meat Joy

  Re-Performance: Meat Joy was performed for the performance exhibition Blood, Milk & Fire: Re-Performance Art, 1962-1977, curated by Grace Thornton and hosted by Mammal Gallery on October 1, 2015 (Atlanta, GA). Performers: Robby Kee, Theodore McLee, Maddy Laing, Alix Laing, Chelsea Wildflower Loftin Weyler, Maggie Benoit, Erin Vaiskauckas, and Jordan Stubbs.

summer swan songs

summer swan songs was a performance and installation presented for the exhibition reFRESH at The Swan Coach House Gallery. Leading up to the performance, I ventured throughout the Swan Coach House and the grounds of the Swan House using a spirit box recorder, a VLF receiver, and standard field recorder. These spaces, marked by a luxurious […]

tettix chorus for the unmarked

tettix chorus for the unmarked was an anti-monument memorial for those interred without markers in Potter’s Field in Historic Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, GA. In its current state, Potter’s Field appears as an open grassy knoll – a perfect place to picnic and converse. This picturesque scene hides the complexities of these acres, which are […]

the ether swaddles me | you | us

the ether swaddles me | you | us continues the philosophical investigation into the feminine materiality that began in the untitled (khora studies) series. To see the research Tumblr, click here.  

The SWATL Oral History Project

The SWATL Oral History Project is a multi-modal project that aims to document the recent and historical narratives of Atlanta’s Southwest neighborhoods, while providing learning opportunities for neighborhood youths in interviewing, researching, recording and audio editing, and photography. Comprised of audio recording oral histories, a website that visualizes significant locations in Southwest Atlanta, photographs, video, […]

to be held in the valley of mountains

My recent practice has centered on healing—body, mind, and spirit, both ancestral and personal. Part of the work has required immersing my body in nature, asking the earth to facilitate my healing. In reconnecting to the earth, I tune into ki’s vibrations.[1] The plants, animals, geology, atmosphere, and energy surrounding me speak, and I ask […]