Disguises Welcomed Here

DISGUISES WELCOMED HERE is a participatory collaborative residency of Meredith Kooi, Johnnie Ray Kornegay III, and Ajmal ‘Mas Man’ Millar that transforms Eyedrum’s 88 Forsyth gallery into a quasi-domestic dwelling for the artists and audiences to explore their own stories, memories, and personas together. Using masks and costumes, video, photography, and sound, the group dredges up the past to look at it anew.

DISGUISES WELCOMED HERE invites the public to join us for dinner, portrait and storytelling workshop sessions, and dancing. During these events, we encourage guests to dive into their own histories and share what they discover, adding to the installation.

DISGUISES WELCOMED HERE is about your family, your memories, your first hurt. Masked or raw, you are welcome here.


We invited folks to join us in the gallery for some dinner, wine, and conversation. We recorded the stories guests told about the dishes they brought. Stories of home. Memories of tastes. We also got a few other stories from some kiddos along the way!

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Listen to the recording here!
Photos by Bryan Bankovich