Pitchtree, Peachtree, Nickel Bottom, too


Peachtree Creek has been a major element of Atlanta’s natural, social, cultural, and political histories and development. The exhibition – Pitchtree, Peachtree, Nickel Bottom, too – explores Peachtree Creek and its surroundings. As a site-specific project, Pitchtree, Peachtree, Nickel Bottom, too digs into (at times quite literally) the layers that make up the Creek, specifically the Zonolite District where {Poem 88}, the hosting gallery, is located. The Muscogee lived along Peachtree Creek, and Standing Peachtree was a hub village just up the creek from where Zonolite district is now. The name of the community garden at Zonolite Park is named Nickel Bottom, rumored to have been named by a community of freed men and women. Not to mention the pivotal Battle of Peachtree Creek. Later, the district was turned into an industrial complex that produced asbestos. Now, the community is working to clean up the environmental damage and produce a new community.

Visit http://pitchtreepeachtreenickelbottom.tumblr.com/ for the project’s research.


Pitchtree, Peachtree, Nickel Bottom, too was presented by and installed at {Poem 88} in Atlanta, GA from July 9 – August 6, 2016.