Meredith Kooi (b. 1985, Chicago, IL USA) is an artist, curator, educator, critic, and researcher based in southwest ATL. Driven by curiosity and an eagerness to understand the places where she is, Meredith uses performance, radio, audio, installation, drawing, writing, and the web, among other mediums to dig into the materials of history to uncover narratives that may have been concealed and unseat histories that had been grand. Leaving no stone unturned, Meredith’s projects are not satisfied with the status quo. When working collaboratively, Meredith lets the thoughts, motivations, and desires of others upend her own. Working independently, Meredith critically examines her own history and body with the realization that they are not selfsame discrete entities. Whether solo or collaborative, Meredith’s projects produce space for a multiplicity of conversations that may contradict each other, but work together to create a shared world.

Meredith was a recipient of the 2014-2015 Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs Emerging Artist Award and is currently a WonderRoot Walthall Fellow. Meredith received her MA in Visual and Critical Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she received a Trustee Scholarship and graduating Fellowship. She is currently finishing her PhD at Emory University in The Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts where she has taught undergraduate courses in contemporary art, feminist theory, and performance studies.