Brecht for plants

I’ve been reading sections from Bertolt Brecht’s Threepenny Novel to some plants in the greenhouse and garden here at Better Farm.

Greenhouse breath, the rhythm of the reader. Some words to the plants from a page in the glass box. She wasn’t sure if they understood. Better to read to them than talk to them. The pages of Brecht did the talking, replacing words she couldn’t say.

Aloud she spoke to the garden plants. Their stomata-ears exchanged her exhalation for noise. Noise for sound. Sound for words. Words formed sentences that fluttered through their chlorophyll relaying back oxygen to feed continuous exhalations, more words for the plant. An onion trampled by the garden’s other inhabitants, three chickens, unaccustomed to propriety.

betterArts residency!

Today I leave for a week-long residency at betterArts in Redwood, NY! betterArts is the arts organization that hosts the artist residency program at BetterFarm:

Better Farm is a sustainability education center and artists’ retreat founded on the principles of the Better Theory—a belief that every experience brings with it an opportunity for exponential personal growth. Through educational workshops, artist residencies, internships, and an ongoing commitment to sustainable living and community outreach, we strive to apply the Better Theory to all our endeavors while offering the curious an opportunity to expand, grow, and flourish.

My Amtrak leaves tonight at 9:30! I’ll be posting throughout the week with updates of what I’m working on. Also, I’ll be having an exhibition at the end of the residency and hosting a public outreach program, so I’ll be sure to share that too!

To check out BetterFarm, click here. And, to check out betterArts, click here.