Get ’em while they’re HOT! Range: Local, Distant, Fringe


I have copies of Radius’ new zine, Range: Local, Distant, Fringe for sale (5 bucks) here in Atlanta! Included: Radius stickers!

Range is 24-page booklet in a series of 220, each with hand silkscreened paper covers. The booklet features a three-part episode series and accompanying artist statements for each episode, images, and an extended interview with each artist/group of artists. 

The episode artists are Local: Emilie Mouchous & Andrea-Jane Cornell; Distant: Damon Loren Baker; and Fringe: Rob Ray. 

To listen to episodes featured in Range and for more information on the zine and Radius, click here

Range can also be purchased online through Half Letter Press and Sound and Language. If you’re in Chicago, stop in at Quimby’s for your copy!

The Sound of Cosmopolitics

I’m still trying to unpack everything that is Isabelle Stengers’ Cosmopolitics I, Part I: The Science Wars, so this post is going to be brief with a few links.

A friend posted a TED Talk with artist Honor Harger titled “A History of the Universe in Sound.” She describes a bit of history about radio waves from outer space and how they have been picked up by scientists and others here on Earth. During the talk, she plays sounds recorded from the Sun, Jupiter, and the leftover cosmic rays from the big bang. An interesting history to think about in light of Stengers’ arguments about the existence of phenomenon and our relationship to their “discovery”; do we have “the power to talk about the world independently of the relationships of knowledge that humans create”? (Stengers 8)

Honor Harger’s collaborative project with Adam Hyde r a d i o q u a l i a, is an exploration of sound, radio, and other media in artistic practices. Their ongoing project Radio Astronomy allows listeners to hear outer space by using

radio technology to convert data collected by radio telescopes into sound. It then broadcasts this astronomical audio over the internet and on FM radio. Created in collaboration with astronomers, engineers, and radio stations worldwide, the project enables listeners to tune into different celestial frequencies, hearing planets, stars, and the constant hiss of cosmic noise. It aims to reveal the sonic character of objects in our Universe, and in the process make these phenomena more tangible and comprehensible” (

Even though Stengers isn’t necessarily talking about outer space in Cosmopolitics, I like the idea of listening to the bodies in space while reading her.

Episode 3: Radius

Coming up next week!: be sure to check out the latest episode of Radius, an experimental radio  broadcast platform in Chicago. The episode will feature work by Andy Ortmann. It’s going to be a great, and really intense, listening experience.
Information is posted below. To check out Radius, click here.

Episode 03 will host Andy Ortmann. Andy has been making eclectic electronic experimental music since 1990. His early efforts yielded abrasive synthesizer and electro-acoustic recordings where the more recent albums are of higher concepts and technical execution. Andy curates Nihilist Records label, performs with the noise project Panicsville and produces a radio show for WFMU called The Eternal Now.
Radius will be premiering his newest work RAPE OF NANKING. In anticipation of the 75th anniversary of the Nanking Massacre, Ortmann constructed a three hour piece of electronic music that in some minor way, reflects on and/or interprets the inhumanity and abominable brutality of which humans are capable. RAPE OF NANKING will run for two consecutive Monday and Wednesdays on March 21, 23, 28 and 30 at 6pm CST.

Radius is an experimental radio broadcast platform based in Chicago, IL, USA.The goal is to support work that engages the tonal and public spaces of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Radius features a new project semi-monthly with statements by artists who use radio as a primary element in their work. Radius provides artists with live and experimental formats in radio programming.

Radius is administered by Jeff Kolar.