Evolution may have pushed humans toward greater risk for type 1 diabetes

Evolution may have pushed humans toward greater risk for type 1 diabetes.

This article makes the case that humans may actually be evolving towards some autoimmune diseases including type 1 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Supposedly there is a connection between RA and tuberculosis. It’s interesting to think that some of these autoimmune diseases that cause so much pain and are potentially fatal, may in fact be (somewhat) necessary violence. Is the body reconfiguring itself to prevent firm distinctions between self and other? What can this mean for the rhetoric of the autoimmune condition? Is the ability to recognize self not always needed?


I had to get stitches this morning – 7.  well, something like that.  deep ones and top-layer ones.  i don’t know how many of each.

in the past couple weeks i’ve been poked, scraped, cut, etc., etc.

A cervical biopsy one day because of a consistently recurring dysplasia (an abnormal development or growth), acupuncture the next day (where i had 12 needles: one in each ear, one in my forehead, one in each foot, one in each forearm, one in each shin, and three on my belly), blood labs drawn the next day (my usual bimonthly labs, but this time i was also being screened for diabetes), and then a mole removed.

This mole came back dyplastic as well, so this morning i had more tissue removed and stitches put in.  mind you, this week i have been participating in the brutally exhausting Stone Summer Theory Institute at the Art Institute of Chicago.  let’s just say that conferences are not very accommodating for those with autoimmune disorders.  does this mean that i shouldn’t participate fully?  or that they should be more accommodating in the first place?  who knows.  whose problem is this really?

it is also interesting to note that all of these doctors/practitioners know about the other cuts/incisions/invasions, and still participate in that activity.  when can we say that there have been enough invasions?  i understand that all of these activities are suggested with my best interests in mind and that essentially i make the decision to be cut, but sometimes it doesn’t feel that way.

suggestions don’t always feel like suggestions.