some art to look at today: Mona Hatoum

I am intrigued by Mona Hatoum‘s work – a Palestinian born in Lebanon artist who now lives and works in London and Berlin.  Much of her work is very centered on the body and she has used her own body to create works.  Two that I really love are Corps étranger (1994) and Deep Throat (1996). These installations made use of endoscopy – a medical procedure that uses an endoscope, a camera, to investigate the insides of the body. 

Deep Throat exposes us to the innerworkings of the digestive tract.  Deep Throat’s installation is a clean and proper place setting with the endoscopic video projected on a white plate.

(image found on NY Times:

Corps étranger takes us on a journey of the surface and innards of the body. Corps étranger‘s installation is a large, white cylindrical structure that the viewer can enter.  Inside the structure are the video projections.  This installation plays with notions of exteriority and interiority through the video the viewer can watch and also the experience of moving in and out of the installation.  

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Chicago Humanities Festival investigates disability!

I’ve found a few interesting lectures coming up as part of the Chicago Humanities Festival on art and the body in some form or another.  One is on Rembrandt’s painting The Anatomy Lesson of Nicolaes Tulp – a painting that I have been interested in and have read on – to check this one out click here.  Another is called “Beauty and Variation” and is about the body’s various manifestations and experiences because of them – to check this one out click here.  Another is on the changing representations of the body in art, specifically focusing in this lecture on drawing – to check this one out click here.

There is also a panel discussion on Hollywood representations of disability – another area that I have been researching – to check this one out click here.

I’m also excited about the performance GIMP that brings together “a troupe of dancers with an array of bodies, abilities, and disabilities.”  To check this one out click here.

Most of these events are either free (especially for students!) or have a small fee.  Sign up for these great events!

painting by Riva Lehrer