the ether swaddles me | you | us

the ether swaddles me | you | us continues the philosophical investigation into the feminine materiality that began in the untitled (khora studies) series. To see the research Tumblr, click here.  

Pitchtree, Peachtree, Nickel Bottom, too

Peachtree Creek has been a major element of Atlanta’s natural, social, cultural, and political histories and development. The exhibition – Pitchtree, Peachtree, Nickel Bottom, too – explores Peachtree Creek and its surroundings. As a site-specific project, Pitchtree, Peachtree, Nickel Bottom, too digs into (at times quite literally) the layers that make up the Creek, specifically the Zonolite District where […]

khora studies

The untitled (khora studies) series is an exploration of the feminine of the electromagnetic spectrum based on the concept of khora derived from Plato’s dialogue Timaeus.

The SWATL Oral History Project The SWATL Oral History Project is a multi-modal project that aims to document the recent and historical narratives of Atlanta’s Southwest neighborhoods, while providing learning opportunities for neighborhood youths in interviewing, researching, recording and audio editing, and photography. Comprised of audio recording oral histories, a website that visualizes significant locations in Southwest Atlanta, photographs, […]