APHWK&K (Aww phooey with kim & kooi) is Alice Kim and Meredith Kooi. We’re an irreverent-grrrl-noise project.


ENTER THE BUCKY DOME ZONE is a temporary communication platform open to the public for participation.

in/discrete in/discreet transmissions

in/discrete in/discreet transmissions was an installation and series of performances made in collaboration with Mason Brown.

khora studies

The untitled (khora studies) series is an exploration of the feminine of the electromagnetic spectrum based on the concept of khora derived from Plato’s dialogue Timaeus.


L5P LIVE: PSAs was a live broadcast-performance that took place in Atlanta’s Little Five Points neighborhood. Broadcasting over micro-FM and internet via Chicago-based NUMBERS.FM, L5P LIVE: PSAs presented voices and personalities of the neighborhood with interviews, live traffic reports, street music, and more. CO-HOST SCHEDULE 4-4:30: Pet Reports with Alice Kim 4:30-5: Super Fun Awesome Scary Fun […]

new descendent on escaleer, no, too

Instructions: Perform Duchamp’s painting Nu descendent un escalier no. 2 (Nude descending a staircase, No. 2), 1912 Jazz it up (run up concrete stairs off of the lobby, members from Headband Girls play their instruments jazz-style) Reach the top of the staircase Pause Drone it down (navigate the staircase down with movement inspired by Cubism, […]

Pitchtree, Peachtree, Nickel Bottom, too

Peachtree Creek has been a major element of Atlanta’s natural, social, cultural, and political histories and development. The exhibition – Pitchtree, Peachtree, Nickel Bottom, too – explores Peachtree Creek and its surroundings. As a site-specific project, Pitchtree, Peachtree, Nickel Bottom, too digs into (at times quite literally) the layers that make up the Creek, specifically the Zonolite District where […]

Re-Perfomance: Meat Joy

XXXXX Re-Performance: Meat Joy was performed for the performance exhibition Blood, Milk & Fire: Re-Performance Art, 1962-1977, curated by Grace Thornton and hosted by Mammal Gallery on October 1, 2015 (Atlanta, GA).

the ether swaddles me | you | us

the ether swaddles me | you | us continues the philosophical investigation into the feminine materiality that began in the untitled (khora studies) series. To see the research Tumblr, click here.  

The SWATL Oral History Project The SWATL Oral History Project is a multi-modal project that aims to document the recent and historical narratives of Atlanta’s Southwest neighborhoods, while providing learning opportunities for neighborhood youths in interviewing, researching, recording and audio editing, and photography. Comprised of audio recording oral histories, a website that visualizes significant locations in Southwest Atlanta, photographs, […]