Get ’em while they’re HOT! Range: Local, Distant, Fringe


I have copies of Radius’ new zine, Range: Local, Distant, Fringe for sale (5 bucks) here in Atlanta! Included: Radius stickers!

Range is 24-page booklet in a series of 220, each with hand silkscreened paper covers. The booklet features a three-part episode series and accompanying artist statements for each episode, images, and an extended interview with each artist/group of artists. 

The episode artists are Local: Emilie Mouchous & Andrea-Jane Cornell; Distant: Damon Loren Baker; and Fringe: Rob Ray. 

To listen to episodes featured in Range and for more information on the zine and Radius, click here

Range can also be purchased online through Half Letter Press and Sound and Language. If you’re in Chicago, stop in at Quimby’s for your copy!

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