Lady Gaga has lupus?…

In an interview Lady Gaga gave on Larry King Live, it came out that she might have lupus.  Supposedly it runs in her family and she shows signs of it – fatigue – and i’m guessing maybe she shows autoantibodies in her blood.

Click here to read an LA Times blog about the interview – it contains a statement from the Lupus Foundation about the issue of being according to Lady Gaga “borderline” positive.

Click here for a video of the interview.

Lupus can take on average 4 years and 3 doctors to diagnose – me, i’m at 1.5 years about and 3 doctors, so… Also, there hasn’t been a drug made or approved for lupus for about 50 years!  Yep, those of us who are living with the chronic illness have to rely on steroids and anti-malarial drugs, which for some reason help manage lupus symptoms.  We call it our “maintenance drug.”  Maybe this can change though with enough public awareness and outreach.  If Lady Gaga could use her popularity and fan count, maybe something could happen with the dismal state of lupus research.

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