how to: swallow pills!

found this helpful little how-to in this weekend’s Chicago Tribune.

My favorite tip, #1 on the list, is “practice with candy!”  It makes taking pills sound just a little bit more fun… a little more sweet.  Maybe I am just being cynical about all the meds I pop everyday.  Maybe I was just a little surprised about seeing a hand holding pills like mine does and with the title being about swallowing “your medication without problems.”  But, I guess, this guide can be helpful to those who just can’t get the thing down their throat.  (Click here for a link to the article online.) However, it doesn’t address the psychological issue of having to take daily prescriptions.  I wonder what that how-to would look like.  Maybe something like:

1.  Just forget why you’re taking these and what they are.  Just swallow without thinking.

2. Address the prescriptions.  Ask them:  what are you doing for me? are you necessary? can you tell me again what the doctor said about you?

3. Remind yourself:  these are important.  i need these to get through the day.

4.  Really, it’s ok to be giving money to the pharmaceutical industry…

Something like that.

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